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REDMethod Shave System

REDMethod Shave System

REDMethod Shave Systems provide the ultimate tools for a great shave experience. Using the long-standing art of the wet shave, our Ultimate Shave Kit comes with a shave bowl, badger brush and travel kit along the Aloe Gel and Pre + Post Oil ––everything you need for an unforgettable shave.

Take your shave experience a step further

Try taking your shave to a whole new level using REDMethod Core Shave Kit system. In addition to our Aloe Gel and Pre + Post Oil, the Stone Power, a skin-building toner, will deliver a soothing and refreshing sensation. Use after shaving to calm irritation and redness, and leave the skin hydrated and strengthened. Stone extracts help to detoxify and reduce environmental stress while blue agave leaf extract provides anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal support.

The Core Shave Method also includes our highly specialized EnviroProtect – a fast absorbing zinc oxide cream that combines powerful antioxidants to protect against the free radical damage that men incur on a daily basis.

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