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What’s in your mote? The essentials every man should have

What’s in your mote? The essentials every man should have

No we’re not talking about the watery ditch you’ve dreamt about building around your humble abode to keep unwelcome visitors out (that would be a moat). No, the more highly-civilized among us are now sporting the latest men’s fashion trend, the man tote, a.k.a. the “mote.” I mean, let’s face it, pockets just don’t suffice anymore.

Gone are the days in which we could leave the house with just keys and a wallet, and feel prepared for the day ahead. Today, we’ve smart phones, iPads, laptops, cords, gym attire, Hydroflasks, and maybe even some extra essentials to keep ourselves fresh-faced.

So now that we’re embracing the mote, man bag, “murse” or messenger bag (for the more sensibly minded), let’s talk about those extra essentials. Yes, my friends, it’s something the gals have known for decades: these bags allow you to discreetly carry some great tools to keep yourself looking on point all day. What are the secret weapons you could be smuggling in your carryall to keep your skin in tip-top shape no matter where the day’s adventures take you?

Here are a few to consider:

1. For quick clean ups –– cleansing pads are a great way to quickly cleanse the skin after a midday workout or if you’ve got a blind date after work. Look for a product containing salicylic acid, green tea and eucalyptus oil to rid the skin of excess oil and give it a quick refresh. (Helps prevent breakouts from clogged pores, too.)

2. Stay protected –– this should be a non-negotiable in your routine by now. Sun protection is an absolute must. The single most important thing you can toss in your man tote is a daytime cream with a mineral blocker like zinc, which creates a natural barrier to the sun and elements. This should be part of your daily routine anyway, but for days when you end up with several foot commutes or get a surprise invite to a picnic in the park, you’ll be grateful for an opportunity to reapply.

3. Keep it polished –– if you’ve still got a bit of extra space in your satchel and want some skincare extra credit, pop a travel size skin firming peptide into your mix. Look for one with a combination of vitamin C, hematite extracts and dipeptide complex to help “freeze” wrinkles. Good to have for that after-work dinner date we mentioned earlier.

So if you weren’t already sold on the murse, mote, flight bag or whatever you want to call it, we’re betting you’re at least a little closer to the postman’s side of the fence. Once you know the freedom of having all your can’t-live-without-it skin essentials always at your hip, you’ll never want to go back.

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