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What Kind of Skin Care Man Are You?

What Kind of Skin Care Man Are You?

GQ recently wrote about finding the right cologne scent…one that fits your style. Of course there are tons of great smelling colognes out there, but the challenge lies in finding the best fit. The same is true for skin care. With so many options available, how are we supposed to know what is best of our skin?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all, we put together a general guide that may help navigate the world of skin care. We based our “dude” titles on GQ’s so you can knock out two birds with one hit. Read on...

The All-American Every Dude

Simplicity is the name of the game. You may want a good skin care regimen, but one that doesn’t require a huge commitment of time. Your main concerns are cleansing, keeping ingrown hairs at bay, and hydrating and protecting your mug.

Follow a simple method of cleansing with a salicylic cleanser, followed by a toner and finish with a mineral-based cream for protection from environmental elements. Check out the RA for Men 1-2-3 (Rezone).

The Power Jet Setter

You’re a man on the move and may need a skin care routing flexible enough to fit any climate. You might also need some extra hydrating support from all of the traveling.

After a good cleanse, use a corrective with retinol to rid the skin of dead cells, a peptide serum and skin-strengthening toner, some lip protection for those dry or freezing climates, and an eye cream (for the those red-eye flights). Check out the RA for Men Ultimate Method.

The Clean-Cut Peacock

You’re an attention-to-detail kind of guy and you live by Skin Law 101: Cleanse. But not just any cleanser will do. You need to feel you’re actually getting a deep cleaning.

Use a stimulating cleanser with a salicylic base followed by a granular scrub containing bamboo and jojoba beads. Finish with a skin-strengthening toner. Check out the RA for Men Total Cleanse.

The Indie Lumberjack

No muss, no fuss is your mantra. You spend your days outdoors so you also need some defense against harsh elements. You need a regimen that is simple, but as hard working as you.

Start with an energizing cleanser containing blue agave and yucca root extracts followed by a hydrating serum with deep-sea extracts and wine. Finish with a good mineral-based protection cream with antioxidants. Check out the RA for Men Simple Method.

Check out what products will be suit your personal skin type with this simple free skin assessment. Click HERE

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