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What Does the NFL Offseason Have in Common with Summer Skin?

What Does the NFL Offseason Have in Common with Summer Skin?

Summer...it’s a time for vacationing, hanging out around the pool, backyard BBQs, and catching up on last season’s Breaking Bad. While the slower summer season may prove rejuvenating to our mind and soul, our skin often works overtime, combating harmful UV rays, chlorinated pools, excess heat, and in some cases dehydration.

Similar to how NFL players are notorious for wreaking havoc on their bodies in the offseason - pushing it too hard without recuperating - we too put our skin through the ringer during the summer months. And without proper hydration, protection and healing support the effects can become visual.

Upping Your Game

You can step up your skin care game this summer by putting the right players in place. One main player to draft to your summer skin care regimen this season is epidermal growth factor (EGF). Think of this heavy-hitting ingredient as a body-building protein of sorts, but for your skin. Where protein works to build and repair muscle, EGF stimulates cell regeneration, renewal and repair in skin tissue.

Composed of 53 amino acids, it works to heal wounds (which includes sunburn) and inflammation, reduce the visible signs of aging, and promote the growth of new healthy, strong cells. Pretty impressive, right?

EGF has a tried and true, high-performance record. It was actually discovered in 1986 for its vital role in cell growth and development. The researcher who discovered it actually went on to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986.

There are a few other key players you will want to have on the team this summer to ensure you finish the season strong:

  • Cleansing pads are quick and simple way to clean up sweaty conditions and keep skin clear.
  • Skin-strengthening toner will keep skin nourished and hydrated.
  • Protection is absolutely essential. Remember the best defense is prevention. This can be a natural blocker like zinc, which actually reflects the sun’s rays and delivers healthy minerals to the skin.

As much as you allow your mind and soul time to rejuvenate this summer, do the same for your skin. It is continually threatened by other stressors all year long, so be sure to give it some healing support and protection too.

For more information on epidermal growth factors, see the new RA for Men ReCharge.

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