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Wash Up After the Gym to Prevent Acne

Wash Up After the Gym to Prevent Acne

Have you ever noticed the more you sweat, the more you seem to breakout? This seems especially true if you don’t shower immediately after hitting the gym. Well it happens for a reason.

With strenuous workouts or excessive heat the body naturally sweats and oil emerges. This happens all over the body, even the face. Excess oil production is often the culprit behind most skin problems, and is THE biggest contributor to acne. So it’s no wonder we breakout more when we sweat.

How can you prevent breakouts and keep oil at bay? Showering and washing your face after a workout or a bout of sweating is a good place to start, but also what you use to cleanse will make a difference.

When cleansing you want something that will actually exfoliate slightly, as well as provide antiseptic and antibacterial support. Some ingredients that will provide a deep cleanse and fight acne include:

  • Salicylic acid – ideal for fighting acne. It has antiseptic, fungicidal and antioxidant properties and promotes cell turnover.
  • Totarol – extracted from bark, it is extremely effective in treating acne because it fights bacteria and provides antioxidant support.
  • Eucalyptus oil – delivers potent antiseptic action and is highly therapeutic.
  • L-lactic acid – also known as “milk acid,” it exfoliates and provides hydration.

Bottom line – don’t forget to cleanse after a workout or sweating (which is typically an everyday occurrence as we enter the dog days of August). But also pay attention to what you are using to cleanse because it will make a world of difference.

For more information on quick cleansing, check out the Ctrl.Halt.Del. cleansing pads.

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