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Spring Clean Your Skin Routine with These Simple Fixes

Spring Clean Your Skin Routine with These Simple Fixes

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you may be a bit more “evolved” than the average man when it comes to skin care. In fact, the biggest complexion crime most men make is essentially having no skin care regimen at all. So kudos to you, on at least being aware of the fact that caring for your skin is important. And just like we learned from G.I. Joe as kids, knowing is half the battle.

So, let’s peel back the layers a bit to talk about some of the skin care mistakes you may not know you’re making, and dive into how you can spring clean your facial care routine.

Pollution prevention

Let’s start faux pas numero uno – not cleansing thoroughly. Too many guys (I’ve been guilty too) think a quick splash of the face or the shower is enough to get the job done. Some may add a drop of body wash or bar soap to the mix…after all, soap is soap right? Well, it doesn’t really work that way.

You need to remove the dead skin cells, oil and environmental pollutants, and water alone isn’t effective – sorry to say neither is Irish Spring. Use a facial cleanser that works with the pH of male skin and contains salicylic and L-lactic acid to deep clean the pores. Another common misstep is not lathering the wash into face for long enough to dissolve and lift away dead cells, oil and debris. Best practice is to start with dampened hands, add about a quarter-size amount of cleanser then massage this into the face for approximately four to five minutes. This will seem excessive at first, but this is one of the most important things you can do for skin. To finish, rinse and pat dry.

A couple days per week add a granular scrub to your routine, following your cleanse. This helps polish the skin, encourage new cell growth, and reveal a younger-looking complexion. Close out your daily cleansing routine with a good toner to strengthen and hydrate.

Restoration and protection

Research has shown that men are at a higher risk of skin cancer because they simply don’t think about sun protection on a daily basis. Even if you’re not going to be spending the day outside, you’re exposed to sun, wind, and environmental debris as you walk to the office or drive your car. These factors contribute to skin issues including wrinkles, premature aging and increased melanoma risk.

Moisturizer and sunscreen should be in every man’s arsenal – and they’re a daily must! After a proper cleanse, an antioxidant-rich, hydrating serum will help combat environmental aggressors, while also firming and strengthening the skin. Follow that with a day cream that contains zinc oxide to protect against sun damage – every day, even if you don’t think you’re going to be out in the sun.

Spring cleaning isn’t always about getting rid of the junk that’s been cluttering up your home all winter –– it can also be a good time to clean up some of our habits. Like any new habit, it’ll take effort at first to make it a priority but stick with it and you’ll soon see the rewards written all over your handsome face.

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