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Movember: The Mid-Month Moustache Check-in

Movember: The Mid-Month Moustache Check-in

November has become the time of year when growing the most outrageous mustache possible is acceptable. In fact, the more outlandish, the better. Chances are you’ve got a nice handlebar, walrus or full beard growing in support of Movember and raising awareness for men’s health issues. Whatever the motive, it’s not uncommon for the extra facial hair become a mainstay beyond November – it provides a nice shield during the blustery winter months.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking the scruff will mask your skin woes. It’s important to keep the skin underneath healthy and nourished to prevent dryness or acne from becoming an issue.

Here are a few quick tips for the beard-bound:


If you’ve yet to start your winter beard or if you’re rocking Movember Burt Reynolds style, then shaving is likely still a part of your daily routine. If that’s the case, you know a primary goal is to avoid razor burn and uncomfortable dryness. The way to do that is with the right prep.

Before you shave, the steam of a shower or a warm, damp cloth applied for a few minutes will work wonders to soften the hair and make for an easier shave. Keep the slate clean with a good cleanser , and while shaving is often exfoliation enough, you want to be sure the rest of your skin is keeping pace. Use a gentle exfoliator to support skin regeneration. These two simple steps will create the right foundation for a great Movember.


Part of the fun of growing facial hair is all the different ways you can change your look with a little creative razor work. Whether you’re going full beard, Balboa (made popular by Robert Downey Jr.), circle beard like Collin Farrel, or simple ‘stache, you’ll have to work to keep it looking good.

Of course a fine tooth comb and barber scissors are great to have in your arsenal of grooming tools, but you will likely still have to shave. To prevent razor burn and nicks, use a good shave oil prior to shaving to soften, lift the hair (to prevent pulling), and protect the skin. Shave gel will also help soften and protect for a close shave and smooth skin. Great skin and a clean beard…classic.


You may find you love your new bearded appearance so much, you want to keep it for a while. Just remember the above tips and the importance of keeping it clean. Also, it can’t be said enough: don’t skip the cleansing routine. Be sure to work your cleanser into your beard and mustache to get to the skin below. If and when you do decide to go bare again, you still want your best face forward. Happy growing, gents!

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