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Kombucha: More Than Just a Healthy Drink

Kombucha: More Than Just a Healthy Drink

For centuries many cultures around the world have been drinking kombucha, an effervescent tea-based drink, for its healthful and medicinal qualities. Recently it has made a surge in popularity in the U.S. and it’s likely you can’t walk into your nearest health food store without seeing rows of the vitamin-rich beverage.

As good as this ingredient is for the body, it’s just as good for the skin. And since it works as a non-invasive alternative to inject-able fillers, it can be particularly appealing to men. Hey…many of us just don’t want needles anywhere near our face. So, what exactly is kombucha and how can it possibly work as an alternative to wrinkle fillers? Read on…

What It Is

Russians began drinking kombucha centuries ago and it is often referred to as “tea mushroom” or “tea kvass.” It’s also common in Chinese and Japanese cultures where it is referred to as “red mushroom tea.” The mushroom reference comes from the process of fermenting black tea with yeast and bacteria, which forms the mushroom-like kombucha culture.

Sounds tasty, right? But before you balk at the description, keep in mind this powerhouse culture contains organic acetic, lactic, malic, gluconic and butyric acids, as well as active enzymes, polyphenols, B-vitamins and alcohol (though it’s less than .5 percent alcohol…so don’t hope to get a buzz from it!).

Kombucha is often noted for aiding in digestion, providing good bacteria, as well as detoxifying the body, energizing the mind, and supporting joint health. In skin care it has been said to help smooth the skin and provide a re-youth effect.

How It Works

According to some historical reports, kombucha was considered the “fungus of long life,” because it was believed to confer longevity. When used topically, it does the same for skin cells.

Today, a new complex, actually spelled “Kombuchka,” is being used for its lipo-filling active that works as a natural and non-invasive alternative to wrinkle fillers. It is a powerful anti-aging ingredient with organic acids and B-vitamins that works to fight the signs of aging and smooth the skin.

So if you are searching for an alternative to the needle approach, seek out skin care products with Kombuchka. It wouldn’t hurt to sip on the kombucha drink from time-to-time as well.

For more information on Kombuchka, check out the RA for Men's Radical Redux.

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