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Gym to Work: Quick and Dirty Tips for Cleaning Up

Gym to Work: Quick and Dirty Tips for Cleaning Up

Tis' the season to start hitting the gym a little harder, and for many of us this means fitting workouts in before work or during a lunch break. While it's a great way to get energized and focused for the day, it can wreak havoc on the skin. I’m talking breakouts, build-up, excess oil... not too appealing. Besides... we don't need the world knowing we just came from the gym.

On the same coin, many of us don’t have a lot of time to spend deep cleaning and coiffing. So let’s get on to the quick and dirty tips for quickly whipping the skin into shape.

  • Cleanse- this is the number one thing you can do. You'll want to use a cleanser geared towards active skin like the Blue Agave Wash. If time permits, do a quick scrub with a formula like Buffed.
  • Tone - yes, you just spent an hour toning the body, now hit the skin. This will remove build-up, knock out redness and firm up skin. See Rezone or Stone Power.
  • Protect - hey it’s just what we have to do these days. Use a good daytime formula that will protect against the sun, toxins and pollutants. Your skin (and significant other) will thank you later. Check out the EnviroProtect for more details on protecting the skin.

Not too painful right? You're at the gym for a reason - you want to look good. Why disrupt perfection with an acne attack? Reserve a couple minutes for your skin and be sure to choose the right products, otherwise even an hour dedicated to the skin won't make an ounce of difference.

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