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Father’s Day Gifts for the Debonair Dad

Father’s Day Gifts for the Debonair Dad

If you’ve gotten dad one too many horrendous neckties or “World’s Greatest Dad” gifts for Father’s Day, why not try a different route this year? Oh, and in case you forgot (which I’m sure is not the case), Father’s Day is June 17.

Over the years dads have become more stylish, of course there are still a handful out there that could use our help. So regardless of whether you have a debonair dad or one on the other end of the spectrum, here are a few Dad’s Day gift ideas.

REDMethod 1-2-3 Method kit – this is a simple skincare kit that hits all the vital elements: cleanse (Blue Agave Wash), build (Stone Power), and protect (EnviroProtect).
REDMethod Ultimate Method kit – as the name implies, this is the ultimate regimen to give skin a healthier, more youthful, refined look.
REDMethod Express – this 30-minute treatment is quick, but packs a punch…it’s also the right amount of relaxation time for busy guys.
A badger brush– aside from feeling great, these have a number of benefits when it comes to shaving – they create a thicker lather to prevent razor skipping or dragging, provide a mild exfoliation and best of all they soften and lift the hair for an easier shave.
Gift certificate for a professional shave – speaking of shaving, sometimes nothing feels better than a clean shave with a straight razor and a hot towel. (Sometimes the pros even throw in a facial massage.)
Gift certificate to a salon or men– there are several throughout the country and they’re dedicated specifically to men (think country club or boys club meets old fashioned parlor).
EnviroProtect – nothing beats some simple skin protection. EnviroProtect will help shield skin from the environmental assaults that age the skin – pollutants, sun and toxins.
Hopefully this gives you some alternative ideas for dad this year. Just don’t try to get away with those coupons for “time with your favorite kid.” Trust me, I don’t think they really like them.

For more REDMethod products, visit the Products page.

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